What In Satan’s Hell is Ray Ban Doing?


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For the love of God, can someone in San Francisco please walk over to the Cutwater office right now and slap the creative director across the face with the back of your hand? This Ray Ban campaign is sliding to a place in which the brand will be hard-pressed to ever recover from. What began with a few cute, watchable viral videos has descended into the depths of that hole they dig under a Port-a-Potty. Bad concept. Bad casting. Bad acting. Someone rescue this account from the jaws of the beast.


  1. kyl3 January 29, 2009

    this is all about the target

    this is all about the target demographic, If you actually still sport ray bans you might actually enjoy these. small chance really.

    Now wouldn’t the green screen guy’s glasses still be visible?

  2. Rich January 29, 2009

    Well, some non-hipsters wear

    Well, some non-hipsters wear them “still”. But with this ad campaign, I’m thinking it’s time to go looking for another brand.

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