1. Andrew October 23, 2008

    .gross. knowing coors’ (the

    .gross. knowing coors’ (the guy and the company) reputation that is not something I’d like to think about.

  2. PalmerPolanski October 23, 2008

    HaHaHa. I agree Andrew. I’ll

    HaHaHa. I agree Andrew. I’ll never drink that piss water again.

  3. The Artistic Mercenary™ October 23, 2008

    I love how everyone always

    I love how everyone always slams the Coors company reputation, but check your facts: they’re one of the best-rated companies in the country for environmental conservation, they’re one of the largest public supporters of a workers right to choose, and they’re one of the top contributors to causes furthering the rights of the GLBT community.

    You may have heard a reputation, but you never listened to the facts.

    Not to get on a soapbox here but this is something that pisses me off about Colorado: Coloradans don’t support their own. I’m from Chicago, and I have a lot of friends from St. Louis and Milwaukee, and in those cities you will never hear a bad word spoken against Bud or Miller (despite their less than stellar backgrounds on many of the issues I listed above). You can’t find a bar in these cities that doesn’t have their local brew on tap.

    You go to Atlanta and not only does no one speak ill of Coke, but you can’t go somewhere where Coke isn’t served.

    Same with Dallas and Dr. Pepper or Frito-Lay.

    But here in Denver? I can name you a dozen bars that don’t even serve Coors. And it’s not just Coors. It’s Wild Oats, Crocs, Chipotle, Einstein Bros.,HP, Ball Corp., etc. I’ve heard bad things about all these companies, and the only thing all the comments have in common is a baselessness that reeks of an odd kind of jealousy, like when you see a pair of shoes thrown over a wire and you wish you were popular enough to have someone throw your shoes out of reach.

    There are a number of reasons why that could be: Coloradans by and large are burdened by large egos and a huge sense of entitlement. That may be a gross generalization, but my feeling is the same ones who don’t support their local companies are the same ones with the egos, the entitlement issues, the ones who try to be different by taking the same stance as everyone they know.

    These companies, Coors included (Coors especially), are not perfect, nor infallible. But they’re better than most—they treat their employees well and they give back to their communities. Elsewhere those acts engender praise and loyalty. Here it engenders derision and snide remarks.

    You want Colorado to suck less? Support your local companies.

    As for this post, that picture is f-ing hilarious.

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