1. wer September 18, 2009

    I want to buy

    I want to buy <a href=“”><strong>boots shoes</strong></a> like <a href=“”><strong>Cardy ugg</strong></a> online ,now I have got it already.These were my first pair of <a href=“”>Uggs</a&gt;, and so I wasn’t familiar with their sizing. I am a true 6 1/2, and since they are not a &quot;fitted&quot; boot, I ordered a 6. It was too big. When I took a step I could feel my heel coming up. I really loved the feel of the <a href=“”>sheepskin</a&gt; and so I ordered a 5 to try out. At first, they were a little hard to put on/ take off, but after about 3 wears, they are great! The sheepskin is very soft and very comfortable.

  2. Jamie September 18, 2009

    I LOVE this.
    I wish my Volvo

    I LOVE this.
    I wish my Volvo could make it’s own parts…

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