The Great Dumb-Down


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In this day when any monkey can learn the Adobe programs and companies readily give those monkeys the chance to do their work through crowdsourcing, is there any argument against us living in the age of the Great Creative Dumb-Down?

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  1. anthony castellano September 29, 2009

    that is so fuckin funny.

    that is so fuckin funny.

  2. Brent Weaver September 29, 2009

    Love it.

    Love it.

  3. Brenda Whitfield September 29, 2009

    Very funny. Wish it had a

    Very funny. Wish it had a twitter share button.

  4. About -time September 30, 2009

    Sorry…But this shit happened

    Sorry…But this shit happened to the music world years ago and most of you ad exec. morons are a huge reason why… so enjoy a taste of your own doing!

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