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In any market across the world, Sukle Advertising + Design would be considered a serious force to be reckoned with. The very term itself, “force,” probably brings to mind a shop filled with hundreds of people, owned by a massive holding company with a client roster of household brand names. Sukle Advertising + Design, and its creative director who incidentally shares the same name, is a different type of force entirely. One that is lean, mighty and destined for greatness. One that is emulated and admired by those huge conglomerates for its speed in concept, creative ingenuity and ability to grab big brands and small brands alike by the balls and get attention based purely on great ideas. One Show Magazine called Sukle Advertising + Design an agency off the beaten path to watch. After talking with creative director and principal, Mike Sukle, it’s clear the shop won’t be off the beaten path for long. Read the interview.


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