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By The Denver Egotist / / Sukle Advertising & Design, Denver just finished up a new campaign for GoLite, highlighting the company’s Spring/Summer ‘11 trail running, hiking and travel apparel. The images were shot by Jamie Kripke of Boulder. Here’s what they had to say about the campaign. “Since its beginning, GoLite has been all about lightweight gear made for the trail. Whether it’s an after-work out-the-backdoor loop, backpacking the Colorado Trail or connecting the dots on an overseas adventure – the more time we spend on the trail, the better we feel. The insight for this campaign is about choices. The choices we make determine how much time we have for the trail. Do I choose to watch some reality TV or do I get off my ass and go for a run? Do I pack the blow-dryer, the curling iron, the straightener AND the krimper? [Or GoLite?]”


  1. adorf August 25, 2010

    Really digging this campaign.
    Really digging this campaign. Clean, simple, killer concept, and great photography. Big ups Sukle.

  2. inorganik August 25, 2010

    Very cool work. Although I
    Very cool work. Although I kept wondering, what is “therefore” in response to?

  3. Anonymous August 25, 2010

    Ah, the dated
    Ah, the dated “cross-out-the-bad-way-of-doing-things” line and replace with a “good-way-to-do-things” line. What is this, the 80s? They should just add paper cut-outs on top. ZING!

  4. HB August 25, 2010

    I’m not feeling the copy…I
    I’m not feeling the copy…I have to agree with inorganik and anonymous. The images are wonderful but the copy leaves me feeling like this is outdated and just…off.

  5. Anonymous August 25, 2010

    I agree with inorganik. The
    I agree with inorganik. The first “therefore” is confusing, even after reading The Egotist’s setup. This stuff seems kinda sloppy. Not the usual, “clean as a whistle” stuff we see from Sukle.

  6. eric kiker August 25, 2010

    Mike, et al. – nice job guys
    Mike, et al. – nice job guys – really good looking. Regardless of the copy debate, you definitely read the lines and get the message. Did you guys do the site too? The copy there might work a little better – I like that it’s about a personal point of view and not necessarily bashing other things. for those of you who haven’t partaken.

    Regardless, good for you.

  7. CB August 25, 2010

    Copy. Simple Descartes
    Copy. Simple Descartes rationale. A philosophical approach to advertising. Nice and cheeky. I like it.

  8. Dog August 25, 2010

    On the website: those home
    On the website: those home page images might be the worst ever web images. Is the compression set to 5%?

  9. Dog August 25, 2010

    Did the train hit the guy
    Did the train hit the guy standing there? Or is he a leper?

  10. Josh E August 26, 2010

    not interesting

    not interesting
    not compelling
    not memorable
    and not Sukle’s fault.

    Seriously though. For a bit player in the outdoor industry, maybe you could shake it up a little. Be a little provocative eh?

    Stop foolin’ yourselves; these ads are entirely vanilla.

  11. Ryan W. Johnson August 26, 2010

    I like the concept, but I
    I like the concept, but I agree that the copy seems off. Why not trim it down to the essential choice:

    Go Home ——– GoLite
    Go Back ——– GoLite
    Go Easy ——– GoLite

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