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By The Denver Egotist / / Former Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam art director Ivan Cash created Snail Mail My Email, a month-long art project aimed at inspiring people to rediscover the lost art of letter writing. Give it a try. Via


  1. Gamos Prosklitiria July 19, 2011

    I can understand that maybe
    I can understand that maybe there is a market for this idea but really i can’t understand how this person (or team) get some reward for this work.
    If you follow this free offer way maybe you will end up with tons of emails to convert and no time at all without any profit.
    I really can’t get it….

  2. Glen Montgomery July 19, 2011

    I think it is a cool idea,
    I think it is a cool idea, and I guess a lot of other people do as well because this is what the site says now…

    “dear all, thank you so much for your support. with over 900 requests already today, it is clear that there is a lot of love for snail mail. 🙂
    however, with such a huge response, comes a lot of pressure and a need to re-evaluate the structure of this project.

    please check back tomorrow morning for more details. 🙂 this project will be going forward, but in a more focused capactiy.

    thank you,

    -ivan & team”

    I think they are realizing the same thing as you, Gamos.

  3. Anonymous July 19, 2011

    I think it is for fun.
    I think it is for fun.

  4. Anna Charity July 20, 2011

    In terms of design, this is
    In terms of design, this is complete and utter plagiarism.
    Strikes a somewhat similar resemblance to this does it not?

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