SmartyPants and Denver’s Cactus Make Vitamins Easier to Swallow


By The Denver Egotist / / Taking a handful of horse pills to get your daily dose of vitamins is not fun. SmartyPants Vitamins decided to change this fact. They created the first all-in-one Multivitamin + Omega3 + Vitamin D focused on the nutrients toughest to get from food and packing them into a delicious gummy. You get the same punch without giving up the quality or nutrient density your expect from taking pills. Cactus partnered with SmartyPants to launch a brand-new national awareness campaign this fall (print and digital) that illustrates how SmartyPants makes healthy routines fun — and proves that being healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. Credits: CACTUS CREATIVE TEAM: Norm Shearer, Partner, CCO Jeff Strahl, Associate Creative Director Josh Jevons, Designer Ricky Lambert, Copywriter CACTUS PRODUCERS: Brooke Woodruff, Senior Broadcast Producer Jamie Sharp, Print Producer CACTUS ACCOUNT TEAM: Joe Conrad, Founder, CEO Ainslie Fortune, Brand Strategy Director Samantha Clements, Account Executive PHOTOGRAPHY: Bryce Boyer, Photographer Mando-Matic, Retoucher PRODUCTION: Storytellers Anonymous POST PRODUCTION / COLOR CORRECTION: Idolum AUDIO POST Coupe Studios


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