1. ? August 4, 2008

    Funny. But it kinda reminds me of the “I love you man!!!” Budweiser stuff way back when.

  2. M. Westfield August 4, 2008

    i’m creeped out by the “bromance” phenonemon

  3. pat August 4, 2008

    Mr T. would call those two a disgrace to the man race. How does Skittles get away with this while Snickers caused an international homophobia incident?

  4. justinpaluch August 4, 2008

    Because Skittles isn’t shooting them with a candy gun, presumably.

  5. Randall Erkelens August 5, 2008

    A nice way to sneak the Art Director’s personal foot fetish love into a spot and better yet.. for a paying client. I actually expected more of a Bud attack on the foot.. chomping at it.. instead of the slow, mummmm… mummmmm fantasy moment with savoring theater of the mind pleasure moans.

  6. Brian August 6, 2008

    I was honestly a little disturbed by this.

  7. joe August 11, 2008

    This is a spec spot, thought up and done by a director at a fairly new shop called Gargantuan. I worked with them recently. Great people.

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