Sick 3D Collision Billboard From Amélie Company


By The Denver Egotist / / It’s time to put Amélie Company down as a contender in this town. (Never thought we’d be saying that as long as we lived.) On Monday, they revealed the latest part of their campaign for the Colorado State Patrol – a 3D billboard that is crunched together to simulate a rear-end collision between a car and truck. The ad has drawn news coverage from all five major news stations in Colorado, including CBS4 and 9News.

CBS4 Covers Amélie Company 3D Billboard from amelie company on Vimeo.

Clearly the addition of Paul Suggett as Creative Director/Copywriter and Gordy Hirsch as Art Director is steering Amélie in the right direction. The board was built by Bill Kinsey of EyeCandyProps, with retouching by Armando Martinez and illustration by Richard Feldman. Here’s some of the other work in the multimedia campaign that includes traditional billboards, truck wraps, radio, brochures and truck magnets (handed out free to truckers to help spread the campaign across the state at almost no cost). Credits: Agency: Amélie Company Creative Director: Paul Suggett Copywriter: Paul Suggett/Gordy Hirsch Art Director: Gordy Hirsch Graphic Designer: Garrett DeHeer Illustration: Armando Martinez/Richard Feldman Construction: Eye Candy Props


  1. nickn August 4, 2010

    pretty impactful concept imo.
    pretty impactful concept imo. pun intended.

  2. J August 4, 2010

    great work and concept
    great work and concept

  3. Brian Son August 4, 2010

    It’s really cool, but I kept
    It’s really cool, but I kept thinking that though the car would be crushed I’m not sure a small sedan would do that much damage to a trailer.

  4. Rob August 4, 2010

    You guys are hilarious. I
    You guys are hilarious. I like that Amelie uses their inside hook ups at CBS to get some really riveting coverage of this completely mind boggling concept.

    Sure, sure, executed well.. but not news-worthy.

    And yes, billboards on the highway addressing distractions are sort of an ironic statement… the copy needs some love. So risque!

    @ Brian

    Probably needs some corpses too… just to give it that extra realistic feel right?

  5. Jason B. August 4, 2010

    I like it. It’s clever and
    I like it. It’s clever and still more effective than anything that can be done with those maddening digital billboards. This is a good campaign from a small Denver agency. Nice job.

  6. eric kiker August 4, 2010

    Props Suggett et al. Killing
    Props Suggett et al. Killing it.

  7. Brian Son August 4, 2010

    Well Rob, I think the corpse
    Well Rob, I think the corpse at that apparent speed would have flown over the trailer into the unseen road beyond. Or just completely flattened against the trailer, which would not be seen from this perspective.

  8. Brian Son August 4, 2010

    Actually I take that
    Actually I take that perspective comment back. Yes, it needs some corpses. Like those meth campaigns.

  9. Pun Intended August 4, 2010

    I’d say they did a smashing
    I’d say they did a smashing job.

  10. Chris Maley August 5, 2010

    Nice job Suggett and Gordy!
    Nice job Suggett and Gordy!

  11. Anonymous August 5, 2010

    Great idea. But I agree that
    Great idea. But I agree that the amount of damage done to the truck is way too much. Doesn’t look realistic.

  12. Steve P. August 5, 2010

    “(Never thought we’d be
    “(Never thought we’d be saying that as long as we lived.)”

    So much for building up denver—sounds like the egotist just wants to tear it down.

  13. The Denver Egotist August 5, 2010

    Look back at their past work,
    Look back at their past work, dude. They’ve made a 180 in the last six months.

  14. Professor J. August 5, 2010

    Tailgating = wrecks. Stunning
    Tailgating = wrecks. Stunning work.

  15. Matt Ingwalson August 5, 2010

    Very cool. Nice campaign,
    Very cool. Nice campaign, Amelie.

  16. Pap Smear August 5, 2010

    Sorry, dont get the hoopla
    Sorry, dont get the hoopla about these billboards
    Though they are better than the Golden Colorado billboards

    Won’t it be so ironic when someone distracted by this billboard rear ends another vehicle?-that will be news worthy.

    local news sucks
    except for hot anchors

  17. Jordan August 5, 2010

    Wonderful stuff, Paul/Gordy
    Wonderful stuff, Paul/Gordy and team. Really well done.

  18. Anonymous August 5, 2010

    Excellent work guys.
    Did you

    Excellent work guys.

    Did you find a way to keep the French egomaniac out of the concepting sessions?

  19. michaelthomaswilson August 5, 2010

    Well done you guys. Looking
    Well done you guys. Looking forward to what you do next.

  20. dcolburn31 August 5, 2010

    How can you disagree with it
    How can you disagree with it being news worthy when it made the CBS nightly news? Not reinventing the wheel in terms of advertising, but its a perfect use of the medium and and a great, simple Idea. Also, I love the line “how’s your driving?”

    Good for Amelie, and hopefully the coverage gets some clients lokking their way

  21. rollplaya August 5, 2010

    Yeah but can you help the
    Yeah but can you help the colorado girls?

  22. Rob August 6, 2010

    I think what


    I think what people are saying is it shouldn’t be on the fuckin news. It’s more proof that CO will never have a fair chance to compete in a larger ad/creative market when Bob the evening news guy talks about how wild them, there billboards are. Sort of degrading if you ask me.

    The News should be talking about RTD cutbacks, the $100 million transit project going on right now… crime, the environment or the Biennial… right?

    Being someone that used to live/work there and seeing it from the outside… makes me very proud of my move elsewhere.

    @everyone else

    Again, nice concept.. seems to have come together well… but the fact that the local news station is celebrating its success isn’t much of a defining factor and being quoted by this site as “Sick 3D Collision Billboard…” is not a very empowering collection of accolades in my book.


    Keep on crushing it gentlemen. Nice work.

  23. your therapist August 6, 2010

    rob is proud of his move
    rob is proud of his move elsewhere everyone, how exciting and relevant to the rest of the world. dude, how did “elsewhere” ever get along without you?

    You might have to keep moving because it’s clear you still have yet to find a life outside of plying your ranty shallow comments on a town that you so obviously can’t stop looking back at.

  24. soojay August 6, 2010

    I think you’re missing


    I think you’re missing the point a little. As Creative Director on this job, I wanted to do something that would not only draw attention to the board, but give the news an angle so that they could cover the issue. Our client, the Colorado State Patrol, is doing this to warn people about the dangers of tailgating and cutting off trucks. People are dying. The billboard alone may not be newsworthy, but the reason it was built IS news. It’s done to save lives. And if an initiative to save lives is not worthy of the news, I’m not sure what is. The State Patrol has received tens of thousands of dollars of free PR for their campaign because of this billboard. And for me, that’s a job well done. By the way, I do think it’s sick. But I’m clearly biased.

  25. eric kiker August 6, 2010

    So Suggett, if I’m
    So Suggett, if I’m translating your Queen’s English properly, what you’re saying is, this work was designed to solve a problem for the client – not merely end up in an award show book or reverse some notion that Denver isn’t a creative hot spot. Some people.

  26. soojay August 6, 2010

    Kiker, I should buy you a
    Kiker, I should buy you a drink sometime. That’s the whole exercise here. How do you generate buzz for your client? How do you get people talking about the issue. We did the same thing for CDOT motorcycle, and got on the news. More free PR for the client. Awards, they are a byproduct. The aim is always to do the best you can for your client.

  27. eric kiker August 6, 2010

    Suggett et al, I think this
    Suggett et al, I think this story sets up a good debate about how to define, “Helping Denver suck less.” Some might say more creativity is the “Help” we need. Others would say what sucks is not being as great as we could be at solving client problems. I know creativity is designed to attract the consumer’s attention, which is the first step (possibly) in solving the client’s problem. Personally, I tend to care less about what creatives – especially those from markets with more creative scale – would say about your work and care more about the result – how many lives it saves. Now, about that drink.

  28. Bryce Boyer Photography August 6, 2010

    Nice Job Paul. I saw it as
    Nice Job Paul. I saw it as soon as it went up and it was a quick read… Message loud and clear… “don’t tailgate.” It’s nice to see the behind the scenes images.

  29. soojay August 6, 2010

    Bill and Armando did a great
    Bill and Armando did a great job. And the installers nailed it, too. All in all, it all came together well and I’m thankful to everyone involved. It’s great to do advertising that has the potential to save lives.

  30. Rob August 7, 2010

    Again, for those that can’t
    Again, for those that can’t see past their own version of my comment. I never said it wasn’t done well… nice job to those who worked on the project. Yay!

    All I’m saying is that having your work featured on the evening news is not a great indication of a project or campaign’s success. It clearly doesn’t measure any level of value; it really just announces to the world, that said studio did it for the obvious reason by the request of the client. If you’re using the news a source for metrics, than I suggest that we should all stop trying to get published, invited to speak at lectures, seek out more challenging briefs, push concepts a little further or attempt to actually “Help Denver Suck Less” because the news is obviously a better means to prove to your client that you are worth your rate. In short, I think the news is terrible, and SHOULD NOT be used to persuade your client that you’ve done your job well.

    @soojay I’m just saying that calling something “Sick” isn’t necessarily the reference I’d see fit to describe great work… sort of junior, unless you throw the same term around in front of your clients.. then glorious.

    @therapists worldwide
    I never said that CO is less off because of my leaving.. I still have a great deal of respect for CO… there are people that tend to ruin it from time to time.. Overall a lot of great people there, do their best to hold shit together and stop its members from tearing it apart via false pretense or by over jealous members of the advertising community’s remarks on credibility.

    The reason I made my way back to this shit stack of exaggeration, anonymity and circle jerkery is because someone linked me to it. Plus I tend to care.. but I appreciate your version of my comments as well. I’d invite you out for a drink too, but apparently you are not a real person.

  31. Anonymous August 7, 2010

    Advertising is about
    Advertising is about impressions. News coverage is added impressions. Free advertising is good. News coverage is good. This isn’t about us.

  32. Maker August 7, 2010

    “Advertising is about
    “Advertising is about impressions”

    Truth. But one could argue that getting this ad pasted up in a bathroom somewhere in Canada would be just as valuable under that same ideology.

    That’s the sort of traditional thinking… old thinking.. not very influential thinking that’s killing the industry. Modern advertising is about quality not quantity… influencing lifestyles and offering services. Long-term relationships with consumers through the use of a client’s resources…

    If getting news coverage is the ultimate goal or a large part of an ad campaign like this, why make billboards? Take it further, make it great…

  33. Walmart August 7, 2010

    Free doesn’t make it good,
    Free doesn’t make it good, silly person.

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