Schtock – Elaborate Viral Campaign?


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A couple days ago we reported on, the efforts of a dedicated stock photo employee.

As we stated in our original post, the whole thing seemed a bit fishy to us, so we did a little digging around to see what came up. As it turns out, all the images featured on the site can be found fairly easily with some intuitive searching on But here’s the real kicker, we thought the given phone number looked a bit weird, and “42” is definitely not an international dialing code, so we used it as a search query on a couple other stock sites: Getty, iStock, and Masterfile all came up short, while a search at Corbis yielded a Bingo, literally [see image below].

If it is a viral campaign, we’d call it a definite success. Since the site first appeared on The Egotist a few days ago, it has racked up extremely positive reviews from major industry blogs such as Newstoday, The Skinny, SwissMiss, PDN Online, YouWorkForThem, and Coudal – pulling in hundreds of thousands of views for Corbis’ collection from their main target audience. We have an email in to Corbis to see what they have to say about it all. We’ll let you know what they say when we get a response.

We contacted Corbis to see if they had anything to say:

The Egotist: Is a viral campaign put out by Corbis?

The Egotist: What do you think of the site?

The Egotist: If the site is what it says it is, what do you plan to do with the employee who runs it?

The Egotist: Several sources have suggested turning the site into an officially-sanctioned Corbis project. Do you see this happening?


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