Ride ‘Em, Chipotle


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Interesting angle on burrito advertising from the in-house team at Chipotle.

Believe it or not, the ad was originally part of a mainstream print campaign. “It was a cowboy/horsey sort of thing,” says William Espey, creative director of Chipotle’s in-house team, who describes himself as “incredibly metro.” But after it became clear that the ad was resonating with cowboys of the Ang Lee variety, Chipotle began using it to target gay burrito lovers as well.

(Via Radar where they’ve got a whole article on Madison Avenue chasing what they term the pink dollar.)


  1. Massy January 8, 2008

    Burrios so big you wanna sit

    Burrios so big you wanna sit on em.

  2. Lifter Baron January 9, 2008



  3. David Stone January 11, 2008

    What happened to TDA?! They

    What happened to TDA?! They had a really nice campaign in this year’s One Show for Chipotle. Far, far better than this crap.

    Chipotle needs TDA back.

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