Refreshing New Denver Water Campaign


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It’s rare we get to see stuff in this city as cool as last year’s Denver Water campaign from Sukle. It was close to our hearts and many award show judges felt the same. We knew it’d be really hard to beat that campaign this year. But they got really close. The “floating billboard” at 8th Avenue and Santa Fe kicks serious ass. When lit at night, the billboard’s “Use Only What You Need” headline appears to float in the night sky (see below). They also launched a new site featuring a snappy voice and wit. What Sukle is calling a “viral video” (see below) gave us laugh too. And the elevator decals provide smart thinking where you’re least expecting it (shot below). Congrats to the shop for developing and selling through another killer campaign. And thanks to Jenny for submitting it to us.


  1. suz July 25, 2007

    Couldn’t agree more. Such a

    Couldn’t agree more. Such a great campaign. I adore the viral video, website, elevator wraps and outdoor…. but not too fast. I just have one question. From the perspective of using only what we need it seems to be awfully wasteful of energy to light up those letters on that billboard all night. Can anyone comment on what seems to be contradictory about this billboard that “kicks serious ass”?

  2. barry July 25, 2007

    well, if i’m not mistaken,

    well, if i’m not mistaken, usually there are lights on the actual billboard that light the board, but seems they have turned these off in lieu of the channel letters. Seems about the same running those letters vs. high wattage sodium bulbs. maybe even less power is used.
    to me, board “kicks serious ass”

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