Real Urban Legend Horror Comes True


By The Denver Egotist / / Four teenagers are horrifically attacked in a carpark. The killer is captured on a phone camera and CCTV footage. Viral for a movie? We’ve heard rumblings it’s from Wrangler, but that the brand doesn’t want anyone to know.


  1. Tiffany Russel-Terrier February 29, 2012

    This is definitely fake.
    This is definitely fake. Everyone knows those accents only exist in Harry Potter.

  2. wax February 29, 2012

    And wrangler had so much
    And wrangler had so much potentially rich western history to depict by composition and photography! In retrospect, this makes The Blair Witch Project a forgettable past fad of complete void! This urban legend gets it done to the max sweet and simple!

  3. R February 29, 2012

    The accents are real. As is
    The accents are real. As is the immense tedium of sitting though this video.

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