Proof Designers Have Too Much Time


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Funny little piece out of U.S. News & World Report.

Two angsty alumni have recently started a typographic war with the University of Kansas athletics department, the University Daily Kansan reports. The conflict represents a months-old battle between the school’s preference for the Trajan font (“well constructed” but “overused,” says one shrill graphic designer) over the “curling, arc-serifed typeface” that “subtly evolved into a unique symbol of Jayhawk pride,” which has recently been phased out by school officials.

The protesters’ website,, is well attended by Trajan deriders (no surprise here), but the school’s response is hardly sympathetic.

“We have so many real issues to deal with,” said an athletics director. “That website certainly isn’t one of them.” Ouch.

(Thanks to our friends at Liquid Inc. for the link.)


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