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New Age Dad is a band of two dads and two toddlers (and sometimes two moms) living in the Park Hill area of Denver. Realizing that Crispin Porter + Bogusky is on the outs with VW and shopping around for a new auto client (with interest in Chrysler), New Age Dad put together a treatment for a commercial hawking the Aspen hybrid – featuring their song ‘The Weekend’ that they’d like CP+B to use as part of their next car campaign.

The commercial script was released in tweet-sized bits throughout the course of the day yesterday – with each tweet linking back to a page on the band’s site, which has the script in full, along with a summary of their intentions.

The band says of themselves: Even though our average age is 17 (remember two toddlers are band members), we are too responsibility-laden to be hitting the road in a van. NAD is band of subdued homebodies and, minus label support at the moment, we plan on building a fan base and sterling reputation through play dates with other artists, musicians and filmmakers. Both dads in the band have worked extensively in print and web media and hope that licensing our music will one day pay our mortgages (print work surely won’t).

Here’s the track they’re pimping. A video featuring the song is below. Good luck, fellas.

The Weekend from New Age Dad on Vimeo.


  1. just sayin' September 9, 2009

    after effects filters are fun

    after effects filters are fun

  2. just sayin' September 9, 2009

    maybe study the work that

    maybe study the work that crispin does and write scripts that seems appropriate. Not sure if dogs yawning and kids smiling at the bright white hot suns fits the usual modus.

  3. New Age Dad September 9, 2009

    This is a good point, Just

    This is a good point, Just Sayin’. We do have something more inspired than yawning dogs in mind, but want to save it for possible face time with CP+B. They will have to trust that the artistry of our music matches what we’ve got in store … or something. Also, in our limited experience, filters are the only way to make video footage shot on a point-and-shoot look almost legit.

  4. dorgts September 9, 2009

    This is not how these things

    This is not how these things are done. Crispin won’t and can’t legally accept any pitches or spec work from anyone. Employees receive strict and frequent instructions against even opening emails you think might contain a pitch of any sort. These things put the agency at risk of legal claims by people who can claim some or other produced idea was their brainchild.

    Despite this, the agency gets thousand of submissions of all sorts a week. Glad these guys are getting some exposure (not sure why this is news, but I’m happy for the band), but ain’t nothing going to come of this.

  5. New Age Dad September 9, 2009

    The bigger idea here is not

    The bigger idea here is not that they will use this particular proposition. We hope CB+P (or another agency) will realize that we have something tangy and substantial to offer in the way of marketing autos to cognizant families and will outsource our services. Realistic, not really. But we’re dreamers and the interweb makes a great many things possible.

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