Might Be Time To Take His Name Off The Door


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According to AdWeek, the $1.5 million Exclusive Resorts account went out-of-town for their new campaign, bringing their work to Leo Burnett, Chicago.

That’s right, Leo Burnett reached into Denver and picked up a $1.5 million account. This move shows little to no regard for the best way to spend a small marketing budget. Just a meeting at Burnett has got to ring the cash register at more than the majority of a campaign here in Denver.

But at least the executives at Exclusive get to say they are working with Leo Burnett at their cocktail parties.

The people we’ve got to question here are the leadership at what was once the pride of the midwest, Burnett. With their big building on the river, they were once the shining light of sensible, benefit-driven advertising doing memorable campaigns for McDonald’s, United and Altoids.

Now they find themselves creating propaganda for the US Army and pitching $1.5 million dollar accounts.

That’s not really reaching for the stars, now is it?

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  1. sammy November 24, 2008

    rumor on the street is a

    rumor on the street is a couple local places pitched these guys. not sure if i’m allowed to say who.

    it’s a shame they didn’t win it.

  2. Scott Fassett November 24, 2008

    Coming from a place who

    Coming from a place who pitched to them, I can tell you that the big wigs just wanted a big name agency, so they could say “Hey, we work with _________, not some small Denver agency.”

  3. Factory Labs November 25, 2008

    We couldn’t close the deal

    We couldn’t close the deal either 🙁

  4. johnny5 November 25, 2008

    i propose a solution. to keep

    i propose a solution. to keep clients in denver, denver should provide clients with better work. this reeks of entitlement. just because you’re in denver doesn’t mean you deserve denver clients.

  5. stan November 25, 2008

    Really, are you surprised?

    Really, are you surprised? Exclusive’s Ian Arthur and Jeff Potter are the former Frontier Airlines bigwigs who gave Frontier’s ad account to Grey. They want a local presence/brand but have no loyalty to Denver.

  6. Sean November 25, 2008

    Wow. That sucks.
    I don’t

    Wow. That sucks.

    I don’t think ER owes Denver anything. But JWT Chicago? Come on, at least go with a fresh new big shop. And not a dinosaur of a relic from advertisings boring good old days.

    I’ll bet they put thier finest creative interns and Jr. Account team on the job and they loose it within a year.

  7. Lauren December 2, 2008

    Well what’s done is done.

    Well what’s done is done. Hopefully a Denver agency can pick up something bigger and better here soon to show off our amazing local talent. And hey maybe it won’t be local either.

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