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NY-based Icon Omnimedia, a print and duplication house known for their elaborate and custom music packaging, contacted Denver’s Legwork Studio to design their newest promotional CD sampler. Icon gave Legwork total creative freedom, as well as shared space on the sampler. The only guidelines were to use the piece to showcase Icon’s print and finishing capabilities (while staying within budget).

Conceptually, the agency turned to Thomas Edison for inspiration. His DIY ethics and creation of the first phonograph were a perfect reflection of Icon’s culture and industry. Legwork created a series of Edison illustrations that are printed on each panel of a pocket poster. Once the package is unsealed, the inner right panel of the package has a die cut window that reveals one panel of the poster. The poster can be re-folded different ways to show a different portrait through the cut.

ICON Sampler from LEGWORK on Vimeo.


Design – Aaron Ray, Sean Klassen

Illustration – Aaron Ray, Sean Klassen, Joey Bullock

Project Management – Joey Bullock

Production – Wells Tipley, Icon


  1. Lifter Baron February 4, 2010

    These guys are seriously my
    These guys are seriously my heroes. One of the 3 reasons I would come back. Inspirationalizacious! Possibly excitivating. Which ever you prefer.

  2. thechase February 4, 2010

    more great work from legwork,
    more great work from legwork, these guys are on fire. Prestige Worldwide!

  3. bwell February 4, 2010

    Killer work friends!
    Killer work friends!

  4. cranky February 4, 2010

    Nice work as always!
    Nice work as always!

  5. Scot Lefavor February 4, 2010

    Awesome work.
    Awesome work.

  6. Changethethought February 4, 2010

    Super awesome guys. Props.
    Super awesome guys. Props. Keep bringing the good design.

  7. richard feldman February 5, 2010

    Greetings from Studio Feldman
    Greetings from Studio Feldman 🙂

  8. Scot February 5, 2010

    Very nice. Not many can pull
    Very nice. Not many can pull off Thommy the way you did.

  9. Changethethought February 5, 2010

    Whatever happened to our
    Whatever happened to our lunchtime catchup Aaron? C’mon man. Hang with a brother already.

  10. Josef Buchanan February 5, 2010

    The streak of awesome
    The streak of awesome continues!

  11. section 45 February 5, 2010

    beautiful design
    beautiful design

  12. Denver Interactive February 9, 2010

    so hott right now:)
    so hott right now:)

  13. cheeseburgerinc February 9, 2010

    Cold killing it!
    Cold killing it!

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