#KentuckyKicksAss: Rebranding Kentucky


By The Denver Egotist / / Ex-CPBer Kent Carmichael, along with pals Whit Hiler and Griffin VanMeter — who we last saw attempting to crowd-fund a Super Bowl commercial for the great commonwealth of Kentucky — are back with a new Kentucky for Kentucky project. They’ve been tasked to develop a viable brand and tagline for the great Commonwealth of Kentucky. Their goals are simple: increase tourism, attract new business, foster pride, diminish stereotypes, unify the commonwealth and distinguish Kentucky from any other place on the planet. They decided to talk to some of the coolest most admired, most kick ass Kentuckians (and a couple of non-Kentuckians). They even got a few celebrities in the mix. They asked them: how would you best describe Kentucky in a few words? From there a tagline was born. “Unbridled Spirit” is out and “Kentucky Kicks Ass” is in.


  1. Jordan December 21, 2012

    Incredible. Will someone
    Incredible. Will someone please, oh please, tell me how this work gets sold?

  2. lar December 21, 2012

    Yeah, I’ll tell you: they’re
    Yeah, I’ll tell you: they’re their own client. They’re selling to themselves.

    Is that not obvious?

  3. Jen Lester December 21, 2012

    It is getting harder and
    It is getting harder and harder to get noticed so I appreciate that Kentucky is taking a chance with something that cuts through the sea of sameness. On a personal note, I don’t like the use of profanities, but the world is changing so this will get noticed and for that disruption it is worth it. My only comment is that I would like the tagline “Kicks Ass” tied to the messaging in a deeper way. For instance, Kentucky kicks ass because we have the best fried chicken or exceptional bourbons. I believe the tie could be slightly stronger back to the message. But overall, I like it and give props to the people who took a chance with it. Nicely done.

  4. lar December 22, 2012

    This is not officially
    This is not officially sanctioned by the state of Kentucky or their department of tourism.

    This is a bunch of guys who created their own tagline, their own website, printed shirts and posters and other schwag, and are selling it through their website.

    You could do the same thing. “Colorado, fuck yeah!” Print it on some t-shirts, design some badass posters, make some beer coozies. Create a website where you could buy all this stuff. No one can or would stop you.

    That’s all this is. It’s a good project. Don’t think it’s anything it’s not though.

  5. Mandy December 22, 2012

    Being a fellow Kentuckian who
    Being a fellow Kentuckian who thinks Kentucky does kick ass, this work kicks ass.

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