It’s Official, The CP+ B Interns Can’t Design


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In May, the Crispin Porter + Bogusky interns were auctioned off on ebay for $18,000 to Brammo electric motorcycle company – in exchange for their creative services. Soon after, Brammo told the interns they need not keep their efforts secret while working on the brand. “Our intention [with the statement] was they could show us their work early-on, unedited,” said Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher. “What they ended up doing was showing it to everyone.”

Instead of being transparent in working with the client, the interns began a transparency with the world – posting early creative comps of logos they were working on to personal blogs and discussion sites that hadn’t been approved, or even seen, by Brammo execs. “It was a leak. We talked about having some level of transparency within the organization, but I think the principals at Crispin Porter + Bogusky were surprised we’d seen most of their presentation before they presented it to us,” Bramscher said.

On the bright side, Bramscher believes the “leaks” ended up bringing extra attention to Brammo. On the not-so-bright side, Brammo apparently didn’t like the logo work they’d seen. CP+B is now crowdsourcing the logo job on crowdSPRING. Think you can design better than a CP+B intern? The pay is shit for the project (and you won’t be paid for your work if you don’t win). But feel free to jump on in.

P.S. Previously, we’ve voiced our opinion on crowdsourcing here at The Egotist. Last night, before this post went live, a CD at CP+B emailed us asking for your opinion on the matter. Tell him, would ya (paying particular attention to the fact that the best agencies in the world are now experimenting with getting their own client work done this way)?


  1. Chris B. August 21, 2009

    Funny, I found this just last

    Funny, I found this just last night. It’s a Crispin CD posting pics of the interns logos back in July: pic

    And here’s the twitter post

    I’m surprised the CPB principals were surprised.

  2. Zach O. August 21, 2009

    I can’t believe that they

    I can’t believe that they spent 18,000 on a logo from interns. Brammo does a great job with getting themselves in the news with the auction and now they are undoing their good pub with this crowd sourcing bull. (Slap on the wrist)

  3. Brandon Russell August 21, 2009

    haha. looks like they SHOULD

    haha. looks like they SHOULD have quit their day jobs for their shit rap careers…

    go vikings!

  4. Zach O. August 21, 2009

    I guess they did do more than

    I guess they did do more than a logo for the auction price.

  5. just sayin' August 21, 2009

    gold fish + bull horns = good

    gold fish + bull horns = good times

    other than that, crowdsourcing is brammosh!t

  6. jc August 21, 2009

    it it time to stop kissing CP

    it it time to stop kissing CP + B’s ass!!!!

  7. chase August 21, 2009

    BOO! cp+b get’s $18k, brammo

    BOO! cp+b get’s $18k, brammo gets a bunch of kids not completing their project, the interns get their credits/resume padding, the “winner” get’s $1500, and the others get d!ck…hmm, something doesn’t add up here. Last thought, give all the entries to crowdspring a complementary pair of Winkers so everyone wins

  8. BK August 21, 2009

    That Dodge Ram-esque logo

    That Dodge Ram-esque logo misses the mark on so many levels. The ENERTIA logo blows, too. They need to better understand the market for this product.

    Which I doubt is Best Buy, $10M notwithstanding. They should be talking to Costco, REI and Ripcurl.

    This whole thing is fascinating. Why is the logo the only thing being crowdsourced? Did the interns truly fail or is the client micromanaging? If they did, why does CP+B still get the account and the creative direction?

    What the hell is so wrong with being green? Their recycled components are a strong selling point. But the future of transportation? Electric bolts? Tron? Are you kidding me?

    Brammo is the here and now. They need to be figuring out how to differentiate when Vespa makes a PHEV.

  9. frank August 21, 2009

    who are these people who

    who are these people who think the interns got bid on to do a logo?

  10. really? August 23, 2009

    i love how the minute cp+b

    i love how the minute cp+b throws a bone for the denver creatives, they immediate jump on the opportunity to take a stab right back at cp+b.

  11. monkeyme August 24, 2009

    re: crowdsourcing…thanks for

    re: crowdsourcing…thanks for showing your true colors. You’ve essentially thrown designers under the bus for a PR opportunity and devalued design along the way. Bravo.

  12. Dogg August 27, 2009

    So apparently nobody at

    So apparently nobody at Crispin Porter + Bogusky actually works.

  13. BK August 28, 2009

    This was laugh-out-loud fun.

    This was laugh-out-loud fun. Seriously, an awesome display of creativity. CP+B should buy all 754 logos. But damn…no minifig minotaur?

  14. visualrhetor August 28, 2009

    Why did I bother going to

    Why did I bother going to school for design? Apparently anyone can do it, but no one gets paid more than a few dollars.

    Apparently I should be a CD instead…

  15. Public Domain November 21, 2009

    Crowdspring Rides

    Crowdspring Rides Again!

    Keep America Beautiful logo crOUTsourced to Indonesia!

    The logo.

    Straight outta Indonesia, the designer.

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