IKEA Helps Customers Sell Their Old Furniture


By The Denver Egotist / / As you know, it’s a big pain in the backside to figure out what to do with old furniture when you want to replace it. It’s also most people’s impression that IKEA furniture isn’t built to last past one owner. To kill both birds with one stone, the IKEA devised an 8-week campaign to help new-furniture-purchasers sell off their old IKEA stuff. IKEA selected a number of customers to extend this service to, photographed their furniture as if it were new and put it in advertising. The Norway Ikea Facebook page also operated a ‘digital flea market’ on Sundays, showing ads for other pieces of second-hand Ikea furniture for sale between the hours of 11 and 5pm. Smart way to build goodwill toward the brand. Agency: SMFB Oslo. Via


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