Go Art Director Go


By Egotist / / Hey copywriters. Want to give your art director some words of encouragement but just can’t seem to find the words because you’re too busy doing other copywriter stuff? Well, Creative Circus students, Will Benham and Chris Baker have got your back. Check out Go Art Director Go and shoot the link off to your art directors so you can give them that pick-me-up they so terribly need. Via


  1. Anonymous March 14, 2012

    To all upcoming & aspiring
    To all upcoming & aspiring art directors composite, composition, and culmination mean vastly different buzzies, just sayin’!

  2. Dan Barron March 14, 2012

    (slaps head)
    If only I’d

    (slaps head)
    If only I’d thought of this back when I couldn’t think how to bring Art Direction magazine to digital.
    Nicely done, Will Benham and Chris Baker, nicely done.

  3. themommabaker March 14, 2012


  4. Anonymous March 14, 2012

    Funny online filler and spoof
    Funny online filler and spoof of wishful thinking. I’d rather get appreciated with bonuses: money, tickets, free booze, cars, women…

  5. grinder March 15, 2012

    i kept having to readjust my
    i kept having to readjust my browser window size to get the line breaks right…

    we love you too wonderful wordsmiths of wonder.

  6. polowitch March 16, 2012

    Clever and witty!
    Clever and witty!

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