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The Art Directors Club of Denver decided they needed to do something to help the advertising and design community at-large, in light of the sad economy. What they did – out of the goodness of their hearts – was to create a free booklet, entitled ‘Get the Work You Want,’ that teaches you how to find a job, find a freelance client, or just find a new process.

The concept came from Jarrod Wheaton, Chris Thomas and the board of the ADCD and was developed by a big group of talented local people. Grab it here for free as a pdf download or pick up a printed copy at Friday night’s Art and Copy premiere at Starz.

Cover: Shaw Nielsen,
Copywriter: Jordan Sher,
Jarrod Weaton, Photoillustrator, [email protected]
Ali Colby Illustration and Design, [email protected]
Steve Schader, Eagleye Creative,
Sarah Bergman, Fine Artist/Illustrator, [email protected]
Liz Richard Art and Illustration, [email protected]
Paul Vismara, [email protected]


  1. dave August 21, 2009

    very cool. I feel very

    very cool. I feel very inspired.

  2. Jay August 21, 2009

    they rocked it. nice work.

    they rocked it. nice work.

  3. jc August 21, 2009

    Really? They rocked it? that

    Really? They rocked it? that read like a children’s book. The strongest part was the front and back cover. Not inspiring. At all. Weak.

  4. PalmerPolanski August 22, 2009

    Shaved and took a shower. I’m

    Shaved and took a shower. I’m ready to rock.

  5. Jz August 22, 2009

    Lame! Seriously, all of the

    Lame! Seriously, all of the illustrations inside the book are half ass, and the copy definitely reads like some preschool bullshit. What a waste of time and energy!

  6. David Burn August 25, 2009

    Dress successful?

    Dress successful?

    Act successful?

    Are you fucking kidding me?

  7. Jarrod Weaton August 25, 2009

    @David – The direction of

    @David – The direction of this little book is simplicity this also comments on JZ’s comment above. Simple and to the point. As the head of a Design Department and hiring manager of freelance and vendors, it blows me away that someone would show up to a meeting with me to show me a portfolio in torn jeans and ratty tshirt. Our point is to present yourself as you present your work.

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