Follow @MellowMushroom and They’ll Follow You Back, Literally


By The Denver Egotist / / Mellow Mushroom is a pizza place with a laid-back Hippie mentality and a rather stoned-looking mushroom for a mascot. As they grew to 130 stores in over 100 US cities, they wanted to get more followers on Twitter. So they told people “if you follow us, we’ll follow you.” What they didn’t mention was that they’d be doing it in real life. For real. In the company’s creepy mushroom costumes. Adam & Dave at Arts & Sciences directed the hidden camera stalk-fest, following 20 real @mellowmushroom followers in a period of one week. By enlisting the followers’ friends and families as accomplices, “Mel” and “Dude” were in place and ready to trail them without their knowledge. Agency: Fitzgerald+CO, Atlanta.


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