Denver’s Voca Films Captures “King Me” by Eric Robert Dallimore


By The Denver Egotist / / Contemporary artist and activist Eric Robert Dallimore’s installation “King Me,” exhibited at Denver Theatre District’s Understudy, is an examination of the current status of the world — reflecting on the aftermath of what the artist describes as “a turbulent year.” “This site-specific installation echoes the highs and lows of 2017 through a sea of rising and falling pillars resting on a pile of rubble and debris, lamenting on the results of a warring nation,” said Dallimore. It incorporates reflections of Americana using traditional woodworking techniques in a contemporary fashion, with performance art using a bow and arrow. Dallimore will reside in the Understudy space three times a week, adding more pillars to the installation. Viewers are invited to visit Understudy to see the unresolved process take form, and guests are invited to take home small vignettes of the sculpture as Dallimore’s offering of peace and goodwill. Voca Films captured Dallimore’s (thought) process behind the piece. Learn more about the installation here.


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