Denver’s Legwork Studio Invites You to Find Your Happy Place in New Animated Video for L.L.Bean


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Legwork recently created this educational animated video for L.L.Bean — premier partner of the National Park Foundation’s Find Your Park/Encuentra Tu Parque Movement — inviting the public to visit the more than 400 national parks throughout the United States.

With Legwork’s animation and direction and L.L.Bean’s script, this project provides a different perspective on an educational message about park accessibility. Inspired by L.L.Bean’s focus on the shared joy of the outdoors and the inclusive message of Find Your Park, Legwork created a magical illustrative world that demonstrates how accessible our national parks are, many of which are close to home, all with the purpose of driving viewers to and getting more people into the great outdoors.

For Aaron Ray, Partner and Director of Animation at Legwork, this project presented a perfect opportunity to create public awareness on national parks visitation: “Being in Colorado, we’re lucky to be surrounded by amazing parks, nature, forests and mountains. We love working with brands that promote this, and love the idea that some people might not be aware of the access they have to nature. This video might make them realize they’re not far away.”

Creative Director: Aaron Ray
Director of Production: Chris Grey
Producer: Lisa Rooney
Design: Rob Modini
Animation: Stuart Inamura, Harry Schaeffer, Matte Dunne, Aaron Ray, Brian Clark


  1. Robert D Fraser September 27, 2018

    Great work LegWork. oi.

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