Denver Water Conveyor Belt Via Sukle


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Part of the consistently brilliant Denver Water campaign to help conserve this precious resource during the summer months in Colorado, comes this ambient effort from Sukle now in full swing at the Sunflower Market in Denver’s hipster hang, The Highlands. Click the second shot to see some footage of the concept in action. There’s more work from this year’s effort here in case you missed it, and our recent interview with Mike Sukle is here.

Excuse our obvious love affair (read: admiration) of Sukle right now, but this is some of the best work coming out of Colorado and in a wide concentric circle around our state at the moment. Plain and simple. Hands down. Period. The end. Later.

(Thanks for sending it our way, Craig)


  1. David Stone July 16, 2008

    Not only does it get the

    Not only does it get the message across but my pint of ice cream felt like it went tubing. DAMN.

    A cool addition to a great conceptual campaign. Very nice. Congrats.

  2. Mike King July 16, 2008

    Wow, just when you think this

    Wow, just when you think this campaign can’t get any better, something like this comes along. Much credit is due to everyone at Sukle for the continuation of a brilliant campaign.

  3. Tyler July 16, 2008

    The Vitamin Cottage on Colfax

    The Vitamin Cottage on Colfax has one as well.

    Sukle is killing it right now.

  4. table2press July 16, 2008



  5. PalmerPolanski July 16, 2008

    What a great idea. Maybe they

    What a great idea. Maybe they could sell ad space on those things.

  6. Christina Schroeder July 17, 2008

    Fabulous. The kind of

    Fabulous. The kind of campaign that makes us remember why we are in this biz.

    My guess is that the really creative media strategists at Explore had a lot to do with this and deserve some snaps, too.

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