Denver Photographer: Kevin Kertz


By The Denver Egotist / / Kevin Kertz graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art in 1992 with a degree in Commercial Art. For 15 years, he was self-employed as graphic/web/flash designer and illustrator. Five years ago, Kevin became interested in photography, which has engulfed much of his creative attention today. It has become his preferred outlet for creating images and his background in graphic design/illustration positively has influenced his taste, style, thought process and workflow. He’s now focused solely on photography. You can check out his work here.


  1. philosophycommunication December 9, 2010

    Nice work Kevin.
    Nice work Kevin.

  2. eric kiker December 9, 2010

    Really damn cool work Kevin.
    Really damn cool work Kevin.

  3. richard feldman December 9, 2010

    Nice stuff. I also like your
    Nice stuff. I also like your Lighting Diagrams Tool.

  4. Kevin Kertz December 10, 2010

    This was a surprise. Thanks
    This was a surprise. Thanks all.

  5. Chip Kalback December 10, 2010


  6. richard feldman December 10, 2010

    Keep it coming guy’s 😉
    Keep it coming guy’s 😉

  7. pb December 10, 2010

    Definitely one of my
    Definitely one of my favorites. Really great work.

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