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Uhhh? Huh? Uhhh. Alrighty. PRACO, “Colorado’s oldest agency,” located in the Springs, today unveiled its new identity. Their new name is Vladimir Jones.

According to Nechie Hall, CEO of Vladimir Jones, the agency will operate under a new corporate vision as “An Agency of Exciting Minds. We tested a number of new names,” Hall added, “and Vladimir Jones continuously rose to the top.”

“The first thing everyone asks is, ‘is he real?’” said George Olson, Chief Creative Officer at the agency. “The answer is, of course, yes. Vladimir Jones is the very real person inside everybody who struggles with the great dualities of our business. Is it art or commerce? Do we engage the heart or head? Do we go by research or our gut? Are we about winning sales or souls? Vladimir Jones is our way of saying we choose both. He represents the fusion of discipline and soul, of precision and emotion. And yes, he’s a Sagittarius.”

Without further comment from us (because you know exactly what we’re thinking), we’d like to get your thoughts on this whole business. Comments commence.


  1. The Artistic Mercenary™ June 2, 2008

    The very real person inside

    The very real person inside me who struggles with those things is named Thorson Cleef, not Vladimir Jones. I actually liked the name until I read the rationale behind it…

    Still, it’s better than PRACO. Which sounds like the villain in a bad video game.

  2. Ryan J. June 2, 2008

    On the landing page, I

    On the landing page, I noticed what looks like an Akita sleeping snugly in a warm blanket – which ties it all together for me.

  3. Ryan J. June 2, 2008

    Sorry, someone just corrected

    Sorry, someone just corrected me. That dog is more likely a Shiba Inu. This no longer makes sense to me.

  4. Starkey Love June 2, 2008

    I worked with Praco a couple

    I worked with Praco a couple years back and this doesn’t surprise me. They don’t get it.

    Are those bowling balls next to the dog? or jelly beans

  5. M.P. June 2, 2008

    Sheez- why not Jonathan

    Sheez- why not Jonathan Featherstone?

  6. Rad Writer June 3, 2008

    I like the name Rusty

    I like the name Rusty Bottoms. Humble, yet confident and memorable.

  7. Mike King June 3, 2008

    Isn’t there an agency in

    Isn’t there an agency in Minneapolis named Zeus Jones? Think they’re related?

  8. hack boy June 3, 2008

    mike, more likely they were

    mike, more likely they were hoping to at least be around a month or two before anyone realized the lack of originality.

    Way to screw up their coming out party.

  9. Joe Mease June 3, 2008

    Never heard of Praco before

    Never heard of Praco before today, and if I didn’t have any back story, and simply stumbled upon the website, I would have thought it was the mediocre personal website of an art student.

    Sorry Vladdy, not all that impressed.

  10. Remaining anonymous June 3, 2008

    Well, I don’t want to be

    Well, I don’t want to be petty but this is just flat out lame. Yes there is a Zeus Jones in Minneapolis that is a very good agency and does ‘get it’. This is one more example of why when people think of Denver, they think ‘cow town’. The website is just awful. It’s poorly designed and awful to look at. It looks like they just discovered Flash and it’s 1997. The most hilarious aspect of the website is that it talks all big about how smart they are and how they embody some kind of new school of thought. Then their work is just a bunch of horrible ads with poorly placed typography and bad (looks like stock) photography.

    I mean please, you hear names thrown around these days like Strawberry Frog, Buck, Lifelong Friendship Society, Juice, Pure, eBoy, Character, Industrial Organic, Joyengine and all you got is Vladimir Jones?

    It doesn’t say, ‘we get it’, it screams ‘we never had it’. Especially when someone better has already ‘been there’ and ‘done that’.

  11. AppleZ June 3, 2008

    I feel bad for the folks at

    I feel bad for the folks at PracoJones. I’ve got to guess they had no front of the brain knowledge of Zeus Jones, but it’s too close to not have had some subconscious influence on their choice.

    With that knowledge now front and center, I bet there are going to be some interesting meetings today at a soon to be re-renamed agency.

    It must be a little like the lady who finds the perfect dress and can’t wait to walk into the party. Only to find a younger, prettier lady wearing the same thing much better that night.

  12. Matt June 3, 2008

    Zeus Jones explains the

    Zeus Jones explains the origins of its name in this presentation, slides 15 to 18:

  13. Brian June 3, 2008

    I don’t understand the name

    I don’t understand the name very well. When I think of Vladimir, I think of my friend from Ukraine. When I think of Jones, I think of Zeus Jones (relevance to a great agency) or just a generic last name, i.e. Vladimir Smith, Vladimir Johnson.

    I concur with the other comments in that the website is not impressive at all, I found myself annoyed by the unknown circular objects, they look like marbles, and clicked aimlessly until they dropped on their own. Their work is limited (is more coming?) and looks templated. Nothing stands out of their work, maybe because of their clients, but it honestly just looked like anything else you see out there.

    I guess that’s also the issue with agencies and having corporate clients, rarely do you do anything interesting or anything but ordinary… (Which is my problem right now, someone please help me find a great place here in Denver or I’m going to be forced to leave like everyone else!)

  14. Tuesday Jones June 3, 2008

    Oh, dear … I visited the

    Oh, dear … I visited the site. I gazed at the words changing on the screen (fearless … soulful …). I watched the marbles spin when my cursor approached them, but I didn’t know what they were for. Then the name and tags vanished, and the marbles fell to the bottom, leaving a black screen with nothing to click. For longer than 30 seconds. I gave up and came back here. Nothingness: The new Praco.

  15. Vladimir Jones June 3, 2008

    Well I’ll be a John Jacob

    Well I’ll be a John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. His name is my name too!

  16. someone June 4, 2008

    wow brian you’re pretty cocky

    wow brian you’re pretty cocky for someone with a very jr book.

    “(Which is my problem right now, someone please help me find a great place here in Denver or I’m going to be forced to leave like everyone else!)”

    before you make such a bold statement ask yourself can your book back up your mouth

  17. Ben June 4, 2008

    Considering that he just

    Considering that he just graduated, Brain has an impressive book. I’d say he has every right to bitch about the current state of the local industry.

  18. someone June 4, 2008

    So you come out school with a

    So you come out school with a decent book full of spec work and you’ve earned the right to bitch about an entire city’s creative output? I remember the brilliant statement from Helmet Krone that with each new assignment he was given he thought he was going to fail. Maybe Brian needs some of that modesty. Don’t confuse talent and passion with talent and a know it all attitude.

    By the way isn’t Crispen here? I would consider them great.

  19. Brian June 4, 2008

    Crispin, Factory, Integer and

    Crispin, Factory, Integer and many others are all great companies and I’m sorry my comment came across as cocky and most of all, apparently berating the Denver creative was not my intentions.

    My comments about Vladimir Jones work was for them alone and based off their site/portfolio.

    My comment about finding a job here? This was written in the context that I am working a job I’m really disliking (boring work) and after getting turned down from a company here in Denver, I am getting the impression that unless I have good agency experience already in hand, I won’t be able to get into any of the places mentioned before.

    I’m not saying I’m justified to “bitch” rather, I was making my comments soley for this post and not meant to be taken as negative towards Denver in general.

  20. Brian June 4, 2008

    I should also note that the

    I should also note that the last comment I made should be taken lightly as I try to be sarcastic/humorous whenever I can… Tone is always hard to read on the screen.

  21. Some Junior Designer June 4, 2008

    (Off-topic from the above

    (Off-topic from the above posts)

    Brian: There are many of us in your boat. I’m a recent graduate from the east coast, and I moved out here without a job – got sick of New York City, and sacrificed design job opportunities for mountains and sunshine! 🙂 Most recent grads, including myself, get stuck with simple production/design jobs right out of college. Heck, I’m working for a company where my art director doesn’t know what OpenType is, and concept is thrown out the door for “groovy graphic design.” It’s all about learning proper communication and the ins-and-outs of the business in my opinion. I’m almost done my ‘year’ as a junior designer, after this I’ll feel more experienced and be ready to work at a stronger, more conceptual design firm.

    Don’t feel like you’re the only one who has good potential but is stuck at a dead-end job. I’ve won a few awards (including graphis’ new talent – have to toot my own horn with that one) and have posters featured in some permanent exhibitions – but I’m working at an agency where co-workers have ‘computer graphics’ degrees. It’s just something we all have to deal with – keep busy by taking on more projects, or ask to help with new accounts. This first year of working, I’ve learned more about client communication and responsibility than I could imagine – gotta put the ego in your back pocket for a year or two… Don’t throw it away however, some ego is great for motivation during job searches. 😉

    And back on topic!

  22. Brian June 4, 2008

    Thanks “Junior Designer.”

    Thanks “Junior Designer.”

    I am still a novice of working in this so called “real world,” and I really hate to come across with a big head because I honestly don’t. I’m hard as nails when it comes to critiquing, above all else my own. I still don’t feel that my work is that great, I know it’s above average but could use a lot of work and could be better.

    Working at two different agencies so far I guess just hasn’t fit my dream perception of what I would be doing with my degree of choice after graduating, most of my day is comprised of sitting in front of the computer and working on sales-oriented ads, ideas that get thrown out the window or diluted with corporate waters… Which I guess is expected and necessary of any client-based work, you have the fun stuff and then you have the grind stuff that needs to be accomplished. I’m not sure what I’m still expecting or realistically, want out of a job, but that’s the point of working and venturing out I suppose. Not to say that what I’m doing is all grind work, we get a couple new clients and this means work other than what I have been doing for the past few weeks.

    I’m just really in high hopes of finding the job that fits me, whether it’s here or elsewhere.

  23. Honest to God himself... June 4, 2008

    Honestly, Vladamir Jones, I

    Honestly, Vladamir Jones, I feel that your defensiveness in your above post almost completely justifies the comments. This website is just bad. There are no two ways about it. Just bad. If one agency is attempting to represent a whole market (“Colorado’s oldest agency”), please make something unique, compelling and thoughtful.

  24. someone June 5, 2008

    Brian. I respect your

    Brian. I respect your response. Sounds like you will grow into a really good designer and person. Thank you for your clarification. It was done with class and maturity. This kind of attitude will land you the job you’ll want. My apologies for jumping on you.

    Back to Vladimir Jones.To take a leap like this and to put yourself out there in the PR limelight be sure the work backs up the statement. If it doesn’t you’ve dug yourself a deeper hole to climb out of. I think the hole just got deeper.

  25. Vojo February 8, 2011

    Was Vladimir Jones the
    Was Vladimir Jones the brokerage firm in the Boiler Room starring Vin Diesel?

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