Denver-Branded Condoms, Yah or Nah?


By The Denver Egotist / / YesPleaseMore, a temporary retail store that sells 100% Colorado designed goods, is offering free co-working space, workshops and starter grants for creative entrepreneurs. One of the entries to the starter grant program was sent to us by its creator, Allie Pohl. She’d like some cash to put toward Denver bringing a Mile High-branded condom to town. “My idea for the Denver Condom is based off of the first existing, successful New York City public condom campaign. If Denver had its own condom, it would be the second city in the nation to respond to the risks of unprotected sex. A Denver Condom would promote not only health, but safe sex within the city of Denver. Recent studies show that readily available condoms increase the public’s usage of the contraceptive. Having a Denver branded condom, with the involvement and support of the Denver community would help foster a sense of public awareness and encourage safe sex. Together, the whole community would be able to participate actively in the movement toward safer sex.” Her suggested designs for two versions of the condom wrapper are below. You can vote for Alli’s idea or one of six others that have been submitted thus far here. The top 3 entries receive $500 in funding – not a ton of cash for a city that’s been found to have higher-than-average purchases of condoms. Wooodoggie.


  1. over15yearswithpartner June 24, 2010

    Prefer the equine offering.
    Prefer the equine offering. The other mountain image is a bit “prickly” and the word condom is awkwardly placed over the peaks.

  2. joan pohl June 25, 2010

    Great idea. Wonderful,
    Great idea. Wonderful, creative design

  3. mattbombs June 25, 2010

    not sure how i feel about
    not sure how i feel about this. i think the cause is good, but i think just “lifting” someone else’s idea sucks.

  4. Steph June 25, 2010

    I think it’s great to take a
    I think it’s great to take a model that you know works and reinvent it so that more people can benefit. It makes good sense. Share the love!

    The designs are Denver-specific and very marketable!

  5. Jess June 25, 2010

    Funny that the one person who
    Funny that the one person who loves this idea is the artist’s mom.

  6. Swann Christopher December 11, 2012

    I got the song for the
    I got the song for the commercial right here.

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