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DDB unveiled their new logo the other day. Can’t say we’re thrilled.

One of the guys we know that used to work at DDB has this to say about it:

Wankery. What I really liked about the old logo, was the “B” in the center. As in, the spirit of Bill Bernbach sits at the heart of the core of everything the agency does.

Now it’s just some letters with a fucking degree symbol next to it. Fail.


  1. Artistic Mercenary™ September 14, 2007

    If it’s any consolation I

    If it’s any consolation I think both the old and the new logos suck ass. Plus the colors…are they Steelers fans, or did they get their start driving yellow cabs? Granted, I can count on one hand the number of companies that have good logos.

  2. ian t. nordeck September 15, 2007

    please share

    please share

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