Danes Are Lame


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That campaign with the hot Danish woman looking for the father of her son is indeed a fake. Politiken.dk (not in English) has an article revealing that the Danish tourist board, along with its agency Grey, is behind the idea. Dabitch over on Adland has the full run-down on the story, including previous commercials in which the actress ‘Karen’ has been in.

Best of all, we like that Karen dropped this comment under our original post, “This is for real, apparently you do not know how best to be in this country. -Karen” Yep. You got us, Karen. And you’ve also pissed off a lot of Danes in the process who don’t like being portrayed as a nation of fun-lovin’ ho-bags.

Oh, and here’s the father of the kid, who has come out of the woodwork. Thank God this will all be resolved.


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