Cyber Cannes Grand Prix Winners 2010


By The Denver Egotist / / This year’s Cyber jury at Cannes gave out two Grand Prix – to Wieden + Kennedy in Portland for Nike Livestrong’s “Chalkbot,” and to DDB in Stockholm, Sweden, for Volkswagen’s “The Fun Theory” campaign.


  1. gordonseriously June 25, 2010

    I traveled to France last
    I traveled to France last year for the tour and was a little bummed about the Livestrong Chalkbot campaign. It’s a great idea, however we went to the deciding mountain stages where basically the race was won. There were hundreds of thousands of people all over these climbs and people were writing all over them (with Livestrong chalk), but the Chalkbot was no where to be found. Would have huge for them as the riders are at pretty slow speeds and though they may not be legible, viewers on tv could easily have seen the campaign from above by its look alone. Bummer, but great idea nonetheless.

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