Concerned Citizen Speaks Out About Downtown Boulder Inc.


By The Denver Egotist / / We received this note from ‘Concerned Citizen’ and it’s a pretty legit complaint in our minds. “Downtown Boulder Inc. is a Boulder company that pushes everything local. They want you to shop in Boulder, eat in Boulder, be entertained in Boulder. Their slogan is “Love the local” for God’s sake. So why the hell did they hire a web design company from Maryland to build their website? With all the good web design firms in Boulder, why not show a little local love? Check the footer for: They’re talking out of both sides of their mouth hiring these guys.” Your take?


  1. Josh Mishell June 18, 2010

    Of course it’s a legit
    Of course it’s a legit complaint! Maybe the ultimate in hypocrisy.

  2. Anonymous June 18, 2010

    shitty lookin’ site ta boot
    shitty lookin’ site ta boot

  3. Anonymous June 18, 2010

    Typical Boulder hypocrisy.
    Typical Boulder hypocrisy.

  4. pencilpluspaper June 18, 2010

    that’s ridiculous.
    that’s ridiculous.

  5. Anonymous June 18, 2010

    Great. Downtown Boulder
    Great. Downtown Boulder doesn’t even support Boulder.

  6. nickn June 18, 2010

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA that is fucking classic!

    sad, but you have to laugh. fucking boulder man

  7. Downtown Boulder June 18, 2010

    Look, we’re a Business
    Look, we’re a Business Improvement District (BID) and Geocentric, the company that hosts our website, designs software (called Citylight) specifically for Business Improvement Districts. Their software is specially built for our rather specific needs. We needed a content management system that could handle over 1700 properties with interactive maps, an easily updateable event feed, photo galleries, contact management, forms, real estate listings, gift card sales, and the ability to easily update, create. and manage many web pages with ease – all in one package. Their software is the best in business for Downtowns and BIDs.

    We had the same thought about going local last year, and made the move to a local company in Boulder for about six months. The fact is that our needs are so specific that the local company could not handle all of them in a manner that was acceptable, and we ended up switching back to Geocentric.

    All our design IS done locally, by the way. All of our logos, posters, photos and other design work you see on the site, and the site design itself, was done with local graphic designers, photographers or by us in house.

    We DO Love the Local, and try as much we can to practice what we preach. We appreciate all your concerns and hope you understand our unique needs in providing the best content for Downtown Boulder. And the slam about the site, as webmaster, well that hurts.

    If you have any questions please let us know at [email protected].

  8. JessicaR June 19, 2010

    Sorry Downtown Boulder, I
    Sorry Downtown Boulder, I think you lose this one. But the real question is…. Is there really a downtown in Boulder?

  9. Anonymous June 19, 2010

    Downtown Boulder,
    Nice try to

    Downtown Boulder,
    Nice try to brush your shit under the rug. Doesn’t matter. You could have gone to any development house in Boulder and got the same system developed… probably even custom for your situation that would be better than what your using now.

  10. Anonymous June 19, 2010

    … and the site looks like
    … and the site looks like crap. You need a re-design, already!

  11. 123 June 19, 2010

    Makes sense, quit crying
    Makes sense, quit crying Boulder.

    Do you actually think they’d spend double using a Boulder shop to build the site from scratch or just use a back end that already exists and send half as much?

    Go do more Nut Butter and condom company ads……

  12. Anonymous June 19, 2010

    I love Downtown Boulder and I
    I love Downtown Boulder and I was just praising them today to a board member of the Dairy Center for the Arts. They offer excellent tips to anyone who might be in or around Pearl St., and truly do help local businesses- mine for one. Their twitter and facebook pages in particular are worth following more so than any other site I’ve come across. Honestly, denveregoist, I understand that the reporting needs to be done, however I wouldn’t be surprised if what you’ve written amounts to slander. You received a note and didn’t report on it at all- you simply re-printed it, without sources to boot. That’s poor news indeed.

  13. hummm June 19, 2010

    nothing to see here.
    nothing to see here.

  14. MichaelHerring June 20, 2010

    It’s easy to hate on
    It’s easy to hate on Boulder.

    But consider all the decisions and processes that go into making a good website. It gets complicated. And it sounds like Downtown Boulder needed to go with a non-local solution for the core of their website while using local resources for everything else.

    See also: Haters Gonna Hate

  15. jessica hogan June 21, 2010

    i think it’s safe to
    i think it’s safe to completely ignore anyone that doesn’t have the guts to put his or her name next to a slanderous and hateful comment. i love good design and by most good design standards, the site could use some improvement; however, many entities — especially civil or non-profit — have a lot bigger fish to fry than how well their font and layout look with their color scheme. so, have a heart. these people do a lot for your community besides just reporting news.

    downtown boulder, if you are interested in doing any work on your brand or site in the future, i’m happy to lend my services and recommendations. look me up on the egotist pages.


  16. Stacy June 21, 2010

    DBI’s slogan is “Love the
    DBI’s slogan is “Love the Local” and besides their extremely specific need-based website design, they use local for almost EVERYTHING else. Pretty impressive in my book. Plus, the Improvement District is a non-profit, therefore they have an extremely limited budget. Unfortunately, the costs associated with designing a completely new web hosting program that fits the needs of DBI in a local setting are a little overwhelming for a non-profit’s budget. Weighing the options between hiring a local service for the website or saving that money and energy for awesome local events and support of local businesses seems pretty obviously lop-sided.

    Maybe instead of wasting time going to the Denver Egotist, “concerned citizen,” you should take your concerns and suggestions directly to the source.

  17. jessica hogan June 21, 2010

    totally agree, stacy. and TDE
    totally agree, stacy. and TDE should be careful that this forum doesn’t venture into “witch hunt” territory…finding and bashing every local, civil and non-profit place that dares to venture outside colorado for their design needs. there’s a community-building way to go about this and it’s not having a sour-grapes-fest.

  18. Anonymous June 22, 2010

    DBI’s response is just an
    DBI’s response is just an attempt to sweep the issue under the rug. The vast majority of design/development shops in Boulder are using open-source CMS’s that handle all of their requests without much custom development, including geotagging/map-placement and e-commerce functionality that would make gift cards possible.

    Did any local agencies even get an RFP for this? I know mine didn’t. I’ve talked to several other agencies and haven’t found one yet that was even given an opportunity to discuss working within a limited budget.

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