Cody Yellowstone Identity + Videos from Denver’s Sukle


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Cody Yellowstone is the original old west town. It was founded in 1901 by the legendary American scout and bison hunter, Buffalo Bill Cody, and with historic saloons on every corner and nightly rodeos, not much has changed since. For the Cody Yellowstone identity, Sukle wanted to honor the town’s history, while giving it a contemporary feel. The custom logotype was inspired by typography used in playbills and posters for the infamous Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and sets the stage for the rugged adventures that you’ll experience when visiting.

For the videos that were a part of the package, they wanted to show there’s only one place that’s home to a highway Teddy Roosevelt once called the fifty most beautiful miles in America. One place with a history museum known as the Smithsonian of the West. One place with scenic Yellowstone National Park right in its backyard. And one place that was founded by Buffalo Bill Cody. It’s a place called Cody Yellowstone, and it’s home to The Great American Adventure. They created this series of videos to highlight some of the most impressive features of Cody and give potential visitors a feel for what this authentic western town is all about.


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