Chucky Takes Over NYC


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In celebration of the Child’s Play, Chucky’s 20th Birthday Edition DVD, real life Chucky’s wandered the streets of New York City terrorizing bystanders with…. fake plastic knives.

(Via directdaily)


  1. Andrew September 15, 2008

    that’s a great video.

    that’s a great video.

  2. Randall September 16, 2008

    I was waiting for one of

    I was waiting for one of those guys to shoot Chuck. Now, that would be funny.

  3. Brian September 16, 2008

    As someone who finds

    As someone who finds inanimate objects given life extremely disturbing, especially dolls, I probably would pee my pants if I saw Chucky running around. I’m not sure if it gets the point across that a new DVD is coming out, but I guess to most generations Chucky is kind of that iconic horror film character next to the likes of Freddy, Michael and of course, Jason.

    I wanted to run around in a Greg the Bunny outfit on Halloween…

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