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CNET News is reporting that CBS will be the first company ever to use a video ad in print this fall in Entertainment Weekly. The network will be advertising its Monday prime-time lineup, in partnership with PepsiCo, which will be promoting Pepsi Max. The technology for the battery-powered ads was manufactured by a Los Angeles-based company called Americhip. Too bad the creative looks like the typical garbage the networks run. Kind of a wasted opportunity.

Details about the technology:
• Each ad can handle about 40 minutes of video.
• The screen, which is 2.7 millimeters thick, has a 320×240 resolution.
• The battery lasts for about 65 to 70 minutes, and can be recharged, with a mini USB cord via a jack on the back of it.
• The screen, which uses thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD) technology, is enforced by protective polycarbonate.

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  1. omega August 21, 2009

    How on earth is this going to

    How on earth is this going to be recycled? That’s the biggest waste of materials and dumpster fill ever.

    Is this company going to pick up and recycle this mag when people have finished reading and watching it? I doubt it. I also doubt you can upload your own content.

    Putting a digital screen and battery pack into a disposable magazine doesn’t sound like a great way to improve the environment we all live in. sigh
    Love reading your posts. Keep up the great work.

  2. Sean Tibbets August 21, 2009

    This is an amazing step for

    This is an amazing step for technology..hopefully it will give journalism a boost once again!!!!!

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