1. Thomas Elijah July 14, 2011

    Nothing more than a cheap
    Nothing more than a cheap gimmick that ignores the truth behind the product. Big Pharma has done a devious job of getting everyone to buy into the sunscreen racket. Sunscreen actually helps to promote adverse reactions to the sun, here is a link to some useful information:
    and another:
    We need to rise up as creatives and stand up for products that actually contribute to the well being of society and do design for those types no matter the cost, the alternative is a ruined future. I can’t believe the Ego just posts this stuff and says really smart which is tantamount to saying “ooh shiny, I likey”. No everything that shines is gold.

  2. The Denver Egotist July 14, 2011

    Whether you agree with the
    Whether you agree with the product being efficacious is not really relevant to this being good work. It’s amazing work and a brilliant way to give away free samples of your product.

    Look for it at Cannes next year.

  3. Anonymous July 14, 2011

    Thank you for enlightening us
    Thank you for enlightening us Sir Thomas. You are wise beyond your years. Tell us the real facts behind 911.

  4. Except July 14, 2011

    Brilliant work, really? What
    Brilliant work, really? What does a whole lot of skin and white liquid remind you of?



  5. Anonymous July 15, 2011

    (No subject)

  6. Mike M. July 15, 2011

    I can’t let the point about
    I can’t let the point about sunscreen being a “racket” just sit there. Because everyone knows the CDC is all about promoting things that don’t work. Here is a full list of ways to prevent skin cancer:

    Misinformation can be a terrible thing. On the Media has done a number of stories about this related to vaccines, such as:

  7. Thomas Elijah July 15, 2011

    Ego + Mike M.
    How relative of

    Ego + Mike M.
    How relative of you. As long as it is a brilliant idea, who cares what it supports correct? We are all about good ideas, but not the proper stewardship of this earth and our fellow man? Yes Mike the CDC is a nefarious organization, a little research will show their propaganda and disinformation. “On the media” is backed by the CEOs of pharmaceutical companies, no bias there! I am amazed by the backlash of speaking out against tyranny against my fellow man. Thats alright just sit back and enjoy your bliss, I won’t rock the boat any more.

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