Brent Thelen Design Becomes Denver’s Dog Poo Mercenaries


By The Denver Egotist / / We all know that “Man’s Best Friend,” needs to do their business. Unfortunately for everyone, there are some people who simply aren’t ready for the commitment and dedication that comes with it. Since there are no official organizations to monitor this problem, Denver’s Brent Thelen Design decided to take matters into their own hands. Weary of the brown piles of steaming eyesore and frustrated with their own own dogs’ unpredictable romping patterns, they decided to come up with a solution. BTD targeted fresh(ish)? piles of doo and placed business cards (complete with the phrase “Their Booty is Your Duty”) into a metal stake, which also harnessed a dog waste bag right next to the scene. To raise general awareness, community boards, lampposts and walls were decorated with the creatively branded poster campaign. After the effort, every marked pile was picked up the same day. (They checked). Guerrilla advertising success.


  1. Josh Mishell September 11, 2012

    Lovely. I also like that they
    Lovely. I also like that they did a follow-up on the poop. I do take exception to the asterisk, though. Sh*tty is weak, especially when you have a pile of dog shit on your poster! I can understand why they did it, but asterisks have no place where letters should be (in my opinion). I would have used “crappy” or “dumpy” instead. Still very cool.

  2. Becki P September 11, 2012

    Way to go! Sadly, sometimes
    Way to go! Sadly, sometimes people just need to be reminded of their personal responsibilities. I definitely see this as a NATIONAL campaign. Good job!

  3. Anonymous September 11, 2012

    when i see dog shit , i will
    when i see dog shit , i will forever be reminded of Brent Thelen design, just kidding, this is cool.

  4. inorganik September 11, 2012

    Shouldn’t it be ‘Their dooty
    Shouldn’t it be ‘Their dooty is your duty’? Booty gives me associations of Kim Kardashian, not poop. Nice work though, it’s almost as good as my sign that says “Fuck you for not cleaning up your dog’s shit, asshole!”

  5. Brian September 12, 2012

    Dog poop is gross. It’s also
    Dog poop is gross. It’s also extra waste in space. So is adding more visual clutter to the poop itself. Instead of adding a piece to the poop itself, what about some absurd campaign that pushes the awareness factor of picking up after your dog poop and taking matters, literally, into your own hands by taking that extra effort of placing a card on the poop, to just pick up the poop instead? Seems ironic.

  6. Andrei September 12, 2012

    Dog poop everywhere!!!
    Dog poop everywhere!!!

  7. Anonymous September 14, 2012

    Easier and better solution
    Easier and better solution than a plastic bag is the Doggie Doo Dissolver. The patented enzyme that when sprayed on pet feces will dissolve it within minutes.

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