Boulder’s Berger & Föhr Returning to Studio Life


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Long a fixture of the Boulder design, creative and art scene, five years ago Todd Berger & Lucian Föhr stepped out of the day-to-day to start the social platform Ello in hopes of creating something that was ad-free and designed for and by creative beings. This morning, they posted to Instagram a note outlining their intent to return to their studio lives. Their message is relayed below: 

“It’s with some sadness and more excitement that we close the Ello chapter of our creative careers and return to our studio practice at Berger & Föhr. Roughly five years ago we launched Ello with some friends. A side project with the ambitious intent of manifesting a place for artists and creatives of all types to thrive — be discovered, share work, collaborate, get hired and find new opportunities in an ad-free environment absent of data collection and data sales. 

Ello took off unexpectedly. Too fast really. We put our studio on hold and held on as our once side project turned real company and quickly became something else altogether. Over the course of the past years we did our best to steer Ello per our vision, always with the intent of putting artists first. At times we succeeded, often we failed. 

Which brings us to today. We’re no longer at Ello, we can’t elaborate as to why, but it’s time for us to move on and return to studio life. We’re more seasoned and hopefully a little wiser as we start the next chapter of our careers. Time will tell.

If we let you down along the way, we’re sorry. If we didn’t, all the better.

It’s with hearts and eyes wide open that we return to our roots.

To the future.”


  1. booger September 17, 2018

    Revenge of the nerds.

  2. Ello, Gubnor September 17, 2018

    Ello is still a thing? Not throwing shade, I just thought it never took off.

    Regardless, these guys are good designers. Welcome back.

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