Bogusky + Winsor Cook Up ‘Baked In’


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Alex Bogusky has just penned a new book called Baked In, along with co-author John Winsor, CP+B’s executive director of strategy and innovation.

AdAge’s long and short of the book goes as follows: This manifesto of sorts argues companies who pair consumer feedback and research with product design are rewarded with a product that can sell itself, meaning stronger market penetration at a fraction of the paid media. More importantly, the product retains the same message and target user from creation to distribution.

Most interestingly, the pair of authors have created a Baked In WikiBlog to augment their own thinking captured in the book. They consider the book itself but a starting point of a deeper discussion they’d like the world to have around creating products and businesses that market themselves. The WikiBlog is a platform for the discussions to take place.

Each ‘recipe’ from their book is an individual blog post that is also a wiki. They’re inviting you to get in and expand the thinking on each of the recipes. The WikiBlog will capture the ongoing conversation. Pretty smart evolution of books as we know them, gents.


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