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DENVERXylem CCI today announced the following changes to its senior management team: Scott C. Snyder, the Company’s Principal and Chief Strategy Officer, has assumed the role of interim Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, replacing Phillip Lockwood, who has resigned from the company and from his roles as Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, and production management responsibilities. Lockwood remains a member of the Xylem CCI Board of Directors and will continue to maintain a significant equity position in the company. Corey Inouye, VP of Account Services, has been promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer and named as Board of Directors Treasurer. John Gilbert, Creative Director, has been named Board of Directors Secretary. All of these changes are effective immediately.

The company will retain an executive search firm and will begin a nationwide search for the Chief Executive Officer position. “I have agreed to assume the responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board on an interim basis at the request of the Board of Directors, who determined that, in consideration of the tremendous opportunities for growth at Xylem CCI and my business background in accelerating growth with other companies, that I would be the most appropriate person to lead the company on an interim basis while being tasked to identify a new CEO that will take the company to the next level of success,” said Scott Snyder. “The Board of Directors is committed to realizing the company’s optimal success for the benefit of our team members, customers and business partners, and thanks Phillip Lockwood for his professionalism and commitment in guiding the company’s growth path following the merger of Xylem Interactive, Inc. and Creation Chamber, Inc. since May 2007,” Snyder said.

Mr. Snyder has been Principal/Chief Strategy Officer, and Board of Directors Secretary for the company since May 2007 and previously served as Principal for Xylem Interactive prior to the merger. Snyder was the former VP of Marketing for Medical Simulation Corporation, and a Publisher for Reed Elsevier, the world’s largest B-to-B publishing company.

Mr. Inouye has been Vice President of Account Services for the company since June 2007 and has served as a member of the Board of Directors since February 2008. Mr. Inouye was the former Strategic Director for The Peterson Group in Newport Beach, CA, a marketing & interactive agency.


  1. poo_bear September 2, 2008

    yawn.. who cares. and why the

    yawn.. who cares. and why the hell does your logo have “london” in it. Come on, really?

  2. paul suggett

    paul suggett September 2, 2008

    Have to be honest, I’ve never

    Have to be honest, I’ve never heard of them. Man, am I old and out of touch already? Although Xylem sounds like a spare part for a photocopier or something.

  3. Sam E. September 2, 2008

    My god, with all these fancy

    My god, with all these fancy titles and pretentious press releases you almost get the impression that Xylem is a major Advertising Conglomerate on one of the coasts – rather than an ill fated interactive shop in Five Points. Come on guys, haven’t you had enough of being the butt of everyone’s jokes for the last year? Did you really need to send this to the Egotist and make things worse? What’s the point? How about ‘a national search’ for some humility and common sense?

    By the way, what happened to your Chief Growth Officer? That’s the only bloke that I want to hear about. Golden parachute? He’s my idol. What a brilliant racket.

  4. LOL September 2, 2008

    First order of business: Get

    First order of business: Get rid of Phil’s ego-maniacal sports car posters and models around the office.

    Second: LOL

  5. pete b September 2, 2008

    Ah, Xylem… you never cease to

    Ah, Xylem… you never cease to amaze me. You’re always good for a laugh. Don’t take yourself so seriously. From what I hear your upper management is what’s wrong with the agency. (I know a couple folks on the inside) . Check yo’ self

  6. LAY September 3, 2008

    lol you must have been fired

    lol you must have been fired too quickly after the merger to remember but rob had the sports car posters. I’m not sure that phil has ever had an office in which to hang posters. he still sits in the team room. honestly your memory is worse than sarah bagwell’s.

  7. Recone Helmut September 3, 2008

    Well Pete, from what I can

    Well Pete, from what I can tell, the upper management is where the shakeup was so maybe Xylem is on the comeback trail. Scott and John are in charge again. Scott is the kind of guy that could sell poison berries to Christopher McCandless. And John Gilbert …. well, ya know… friggin’ interactive-design boy-genius. Seems like they’re back to their original fighting weight. Good for them.

    Can’t say I appreciate the unkind words about my good buddy Bagwell however. As I remember, she left before things got ugly – so why pick on her? Every time there is some bile spewed at Xylem on this board, some ham handed employee gets on here and attempts to sling it back. And in an ever increasingly lame manner I might add. Seems to do nothing but harm your character and rep – so why do it? Besides, Bagwell is too busy making Crispin, Porter and Bogusky rich to slink around on these boards ranting about Xylem. Trust me.

    Anyway, the core sales and creative team of Xylem is the best I’ve ever worked with (ignoring the obvious instability) and I wish them well.

    Oh yeah… can I have the sports car posters and scale models? Me likey.

  8. Lifter Baron September 3, 2008

    Well, if Xylem is going to

    Well, if Xylem is going to kick so much ass in the creative side in its coming year or whatever.. lets see where they are next year this time… How many restructurings, buy-outs, mergers, hirings and firings have they had now? No disrespect, but a lot of talking not a whole lot of walking..

  9. e kiker September 3, 2008

    Good luck John, et al. You

    Good luck John, et al. You guys do good work.

  10. adsfas September 3, 2008

    Lifter…please, for once, shut

    Lifter…please, for once, shut the f’ up.

  11. Lifter Baron September 3, 2008

    Ok just for you. rrr wait..

    Ok just for you. rrr wait.. nope.

  12. erqgregergr September 4, 2008



  13. Karma? September 4, 2008

    What do you mean karma? That

    What do you mean karma? That someone is getting what they deserve? Who and what sir, are you talking about?

  14. xcbcxbxcb September 5, 2008

    Pretty simple really. Karma

    Pretty simple really. Karma because Phil got what he deserved – canned.

  15. Cleo Richardson September 8, 2008

    Quite a lot of fuss about one

    Quite a lot of fuss about one of the smallest, paltriest, and unimportant shops in town. Was this release really ness.? I have heard nothing but negitivity about this agency and now I can see why…

  16. Observer September 8, 2008

    Yeah, it’s wild how much

    Yeah, it’s wild how much animosity gets pointed at little ol’ Xylem. That’s what happens when your leadership subscribes to the “I need a bigger salary, lets fire a few people” school of management. I worked for them for a short time when they were still Creation Chamber and then through the merger. Phil didn’t strike me as a bad guy – he’s just the kind of CEO that is driven by all the wrong things and has no real love or passion for the work. Can’t blame him for that, it’s just not his bag. Now that he’s gone (and I assume the utterly useless Ben Ray too) I’m sure the Xylem team will start to get their acts together and start making some sense with their staffing decisions.

  17. Benjamin Ray September 15, 2008

    Assumed wrong. I am alive,

    Assumed wrong. I am alive, well, here and more focused than ever on making Xylem the best company it can be.

  18. B-Dizzle October 3, 2008

    Xylem has had its challenges,

    Xylem has had its challenges, just as any agency in town has. I’ve had my personal battles with Xylem, and I think the upper management shakedown is a blessing in disguise. Making Gilbert partner was a HUGE step in the right direction. You can say whatever you want about their management challenges, but Xylem puts out kick ass work and always has. You can say what you want about the partners, but as my buddy Recone put well, Snyder can sell anything – that’s his calling. Putting Scott and Ben back in charge I think will help bring some of that “Xylem” culture back to the company, that everyone knew so well.

  19. b October 13, 2008

    Thank for the kudos. Always

    Thank for the kudos. Always appreciated…

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