Best New Denver Blog: Big @#*!ing Logo


By The Denver Egotist / / You worked your ass off to pursue your dream of becoming a creative professional. And then the companies you worked for started beating you over the head with big @#*!ing logos. That kills dreams. Big @#*!ing Logo was created for every creative professional who ever started to feel like they chose the wrong career. Whether it’s finding a way to change your approach at your current job, find a new job, or launch your own project, I want to help you create a career you love, with all the passion and fulfillment you dreamed about when you started down this path. Wish this dude was writing for us. Lots of goodies here from his experience at CP+B and other shops.


  1. Matthew Wyne June 29, 2010

    I am humbled. I love and
    I am humbled. I love and respect the Egotist so this was a real thrill for me. I don’t know how to get in touch with you but I’d love to contribute to your fine site. Can you send me an email? We can plot and scheme.

  2. Stone June 29, 2010

    much deserved! Matthew is
    much deserved! Matthew is always cranking out great creative advice. Go check out his blog.

  3. Poster June 29, 2010

    Matthew is a powder keg of
    Matthew is a powder keg of passion, poetry, philosophy and punk.

  4. Bleeker June 29, 2010

    Nice blog! Gotta say it
    Nice blog! Gotta say it kicks ass over a lot of the Egotist content. Matthew, you have some really helpful and positive advice. I am a fan.

  5. The Denver Egotist June 29, 2010

    We’d be happy to link to the
    We’d be happy to link to the blog you run too, Bleeker. Oops, you have no actual advice to be able to populate one.

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