Be Fouhy’s Valentine


By The Denver Egotist / / Back in the fall, Brian Fouhy, a student at Boulder Digital Works, created Invite Fouhy to Thanksgiving – resulting in a great adventure to Durango for a Thanksgiving feast. He’s continuing the idea this February with Be Fouhy’s Valentine, seeking another adventure/romantic dinner with a nice lady. Apply within, girls, and let this handsome fellow spend some of his parent’s hard-earned cash on you.


  1. The Real Fouhy February 9, 2011

    Ladies, I would like to
    Ladies, I would like to assure you I will be spending my own hard earned cash on this wonderful evening, no parental funding will be used.

  2. HA February 9, 2011

    I thought it funny that it
    I thought it funny that it said your parents’ money. Was about to rag on you.

  3. inorganik February 9, 2011

    Natural assumption though,
    Natural assumption though, since you go to school in Boulder. 😉 Btw, why so many unverified comments? is it that hard to register?

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