Be Fouhy’s Valentine


By The Denver Egotist / / Back in the fall, Brian Fouhy, a student at Boulder Digital Works, created Invite Fouhy to Thanksgiving – resulting in a great adventure to Durango for a Thanksgiving feast. He’s continuing the idea this February with Be Fouhy’s Valentine, seeking another adventure/romantic dinner with a nice lady. Apply within, girls, and let this handsome fellow spend some of his parent’s hard-earned cash on you.

  1. The Real Fouhy February 9, 2011

    Ladies, I would like to assure you I will be spending my own hard earned cash on this wonderful evening, no parental funding will be used.

  2. HA February 9, 2011

    I thought it funny that it said your parents' money. Was about to rag on you.

  3. inorganik February 9, 2011

    Natural assumption though, since you go to school in Boulder. ;) Btw, why so many unverified comments? is it that hard to register?

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