Amélie Crashes Cars Through DMV Walls


By The Denver Egotist / / Denver ad agency Amélie Company is crashing cars again. Last time, it was on a 3D Billboard. Now, it’s through the walls of Colorado DMVs. “We were approached by CDOT to do a POP display that would hold brochures aimed at teen drivers, and off the bat we knew that this piece needed to have impact,” said Paul Suggett, Amélie’s Creative Director. “So, we went to a bunch of DMVs and looked at the bland environment. That’s when we decided that crashing a car through one of those pale walls would really grab the attention of teens, who are usually sat with their heads down sending text messages and playing games.” Printed on clear, low-tack vinyl, the pieces are accompanied by an acrylic brochure holder. Initially, ten DMVs will have these pieces installed this week, with more coming over the next year. Agency: Amélie Company Client: Colorado Department Of Transportation Creative team: Gordy Hirsch, Paul Suggett Retouching: Armando Martinez Printing: C2 Media


  1. Andy Campbell September 28, 2010

    Nice work, gents. Good use of
    Nice work, gents. Good use of environment. This is great.

  2. Jason Burg September 28, 2010

    Definitely captures attention
    Definitely captures attention in a typically stale environment. Keep up the good work Amelie. CDOT has never had much of a presence, but your work is changing that.

  3. larry hinkle September 28, 2010


  4. eric kiker September 28, 2010

    Great thinking as usual
    Great thinking as usual Suggett et al. You guys are knocking it out.

  5. Jordan September 28, 2010

    Killer. Way to go, guys. And
    Killer. Way to go, guys. And gals. And CDOT.

  6. Changethethought September 30, 2010

    Paul and Gordy are awesome.
    Paul and Gordy are awesome. Straight up. Awesome people. Enthusiastic about what they are doing and just really good guys. It’s great to see them getting some good creative pushed through. I am cheering for them in the coming months. Keep it up guys.

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