1. Jordan December 10, 2009

    These charts and graphs and

    These charts and graphs and YouTube videos about the ubiquity of the Internet and Facebook and social media are a lot of fun, but where do these statistics come from?

    Like “$145 million made from mobile services daily”.

    What does that mean?

    Does ‘daily’ mean everyday? Including the weekends?

    Does ‘made’ mean someone spent it and sent the money to someone else?

    And what constitutes a ‘mobile service’? Is it all iPhone apps or could we count Meals on Wheels?

    I know, I know. I’m the douchebag asking lame questions. But selling statistics like this without citation is what leads to financial meltdowns.

  2. Nate December 10, 2009

    Does mobile services include

    Does mobile services include the ever growing “Taco Van” industry? Because I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t. SO, -1 for accuracy.

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