5280 Magazine Has Taste


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First piece of evidence.

Second piece of evidence is below – ie. hooking up Shepard Fairey to illustrate the latest cover on newsstands now – outlining the ins and outs of the Democratic National Convention and, overall, making Colorado look like an amazing place to be. Nice work.


  1. josh mishell August 4, 2008

    i saw this in the checkout

    i saw this in the checkout line of safeway on saturday, and was like “I can’t believe that 5280 completely ripped off the Shepard Fairey design so horribly blatantly” and then looked at the table of contents and saw that it was actually his work.

    Does anyone else think it’s weird that he would illustrate the cover of a fairly mainstream (for denver, at least) magazine?

  2. lifter baron August 5, 2008

    No, not weird in anyway.. Im

    No, not weird in anyway.. Im also no following your placement of the word “mainstream.”

    I think a lot of people are mislead and slightly under informed on Shepard’s ideas of media and it’s use…

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