303 Magazine’s First Annual Gentlemen Issue


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On August 5th, 303 Magazine, “Denver’s only insider lifestyle magazine,” will be releasing its first annual Gentlemen issue. Included in the issue are steak, beer and a twenty-page spread of nine “real, professional” Denver women 303 Magazine loves… in the nude. They’ve even got a marketing director in the mix. Here’s hoping it’s not the one with the harelip sitting in the cube next to you.

303 Magazine can be found at Whole Foods, Tattered Cover and select locations across the metro area. For more info or to subscribe, visit 303Magazine.com.


  1. dsgnnrd August 4, 2009

    303 is the worst laid out

    303 is the worst laid out magazine. BOOOOOO

  2. Salva August 24, 2011

    303 has beautiful potential.
    303 has beautiful potential. I want to work for this magazine. Salva

  3. I'mColdMtn August 24, 2011

    No, It’s not the one in the
    No, It’s not the one in the cubicle with the hairlip that her parents never fixed. It is the one with flavored fingers that works for Adam Sandler and makes people think that it is is still Ben Stiller.

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