Boulder’s Fortnight Continues Amusing Approach in New Ad for ImOn Communications


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This lively give and take is reminiscent of the earlier work, “Who’s on First?,” which riffed on the old Abbott and Costello routine.

Fortnight Collective is out with a new ad for ImOn Communications not a month after it debuted its first commercial for the Super Bowl.

In this :30 spot called “Who’s On?,” four people show up on a group online call, all with names that rhyme with “on.” After announcing themselves, one is found to be muted. As Jon struggles to unmute, Ron says, “You should get ImOn.” “We know, Ron, tell Jon,” says Don. Yvonne chimes in, “Keep your pants on.”

As Jon turns from his collection of cords, Yvonne tells him, “Jon, we like to use ImOn.” To which the befuddled but eager Jon asks, “Am I on?”

This lively give and take is reminiscent of the earlier work, “Who’s on First?,” which riffed on the old Abbott and Costello routine. That ad, using TV, online video, social media and digital, is appearing regionally over the next month or two on broadcast TV, Facebook and YouTube.

“Stay always on with Iowa’s most reliable internet, now with free installation and one month free,” says the voiceover at the end of both commercials.

ImOn Communications provides telecommunications services for residents and businesses in Eastern Iowa. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Fortnight was given the original project in November.

ImOn was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It offers advanced broadband services, digital TV, high-speed Internet, and phone services in that city as well as in Marion, Hiawatha, Iowa City, Coralville, and Dubuque.


Title: “Neighbor” :30

Brand: ImOn Communications, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Agency: Fortnight Collective, Boulder, Colorado

Founder & CEO: Andy Nathan

President: Devin Reiter

Chief Creative Officer: Adam Chasnow

Collective CD/Art Director: Nick Klinkert

Collective CD/Copywriter: Adam Reeves

Producer: Jessica Welander

Senior Brand Director: Jessica Welander

Brand Manager: Lauren Koslosky


Production Co: Gravy Films

Exec Producer: Brent Stoller

Director: Cameron Harris

Director of Photography: Andre Pienaar

Production Service Partner: Feels Like HomeToronto, ON

Executive Producer: Estelle Weir

Executive Producer: Marni Belavin

Producer: Amalie Bruun 


Editorial Co: The Now Corporation

Editor: Jesse Reisner

Editorial Producer: Carrie Fleming


Music Company: JSM Music


CEO/CCO/Co-Composer: Joel Simon

Executive Producer: Jeff Fiorello

Senior Producer: Norm Felker

Senior Producer: Andrew Manning

Producer: Sharon Cha

Co-Composer: Nathan Kil


Color: Trafik

Colorist: Nate Seymour

Color Producer: Phoebe Torsilieri 

Associate Color Producer: Hugh Copeland


Audio Mix: Soundspace

Audio Engineer:  Matthew Polis


Finishing: 11 Dollar Bill

Post Producer: Lisa Effress

Online Editor: Clark Jackson

Compositor: Dave Mehrman


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