Denver’s Consume & Create Launches New Brand + Website for Grand Junction’s Taco Party


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After five years in business, chef-slash-restaurateur Josh Niernberg felt the Taco Party design language and website were ripe for an overhaul. Consume & Create stepped in to take the existing brand to the next level by creating a new identity and online presence that’s a feast for the eyes — since the tacos are a feast for everything else.
It can get real weird in the desert, so Consume & Create took the site refresh in a “desert punk” direction. Playful iconography and badges have always played a key role within Taco Party’s identity system, so it made sense to build on this foundation as part of the brand evolution. They jumped on the opportunity to extend that weird playfulness into a “handful” of new illustrations and stylized type treatments. Creating new icons and upgrading existing ones, Consume & Create set out to capture the attitude, vibe and (un)sanctioned offerings found at Taco Party and across the Western Slope. Now, their new menu and website encourages you to look and touch with your hands (and the hands on your hands).
Creating a sense of place for a brand with its own distinctive sense of self is no small feat, so Consume & Create pulled inspiration from Taco Party’s modular approach to their menu, applied a desertscape motif, and turned old traditions into something new. Then, like adding a pinch of fresh cilantro, they topped it all off with some crisp copy for a well-rounded flavor. 
Consume & Create always loves the opportunity to revisit a brand that they helped bring to life, especially when tacos, curated playlists and parodies of their favorite 8-bit games are involved.


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